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Photos of feral horses or wild mustangs as I prefer to call them. Beautiful, wild, and free they roam public land and National Parks such as Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Handsome FoalShowing OffShowing OffFoals racingFoal on the Runfoals chasingKicking up his heelsRastamane and familyRastamaneReconciliationSidekick SnakingMare chasing foal homeMare coming to rescue her foalStallion checking out intruding FoalColt RollingKicking up his hoovesFoal Horseplay IIWatching the StallionWhose head is the highestWho can go highest

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Ray Grant(non-registered)
You must have had a lot of fun capturing the living experiences of these mustangs. Watching the photos as a slideshow is better than a movie. Great insight from a great person.
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